About Io Products

We are founding a completely new industry. Its basis: adjunct prescribing of iodine-based products to supplement “standard-of-care” prescriptioning. 


Our Purpose

Doing now what patients need immediately. It is urgent to provide medical solutions now – right now – while we investigate and innovate for the future. We are passionate about improving lives – the lives of mothers, children, the unborn, adolescents, and the elderly. We are bold in action and approach. We believe that thoughtful business can build a better world. 
That is why we labor daily. We are committed to intellectual and scientific rigor, iron-clad ethics, and assistance directed towards the global population. We want a better tomorrow for our children, for your children, and for the planet’s citizens.
We take pride in who we are, what we do, and our methods. We are a single-minded group, crossing corporate, national and international barriers. We are Io Products, Inc.

Our Values

We value tenacious thought, intellectual bravery, and open-minded inquiry. They are key to how we behave as scientists,
citizens and the body corporate. 
TENACITY means we tirelessly use our imaginative thought to consider every conceivable facet and approach to problems. BRAVERY means we take entrepreneurial risks, and exceed limits and expectations with the tools of experimental science and the creative linkage of disparate technologies. 
INQUIRY means we ask hard questions of everyone around us, but most especially of ourselves and our conclusions and pre-conceptions. These core values define and determine our actions – to create ever-growing good health, solid innovation and effective bottom-line performance.

Our Company

Io Products, Inc. is a new, leading-edge type of unique pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes iodine-based medicines for adjunctive prescribing, side-stepping the costly, lengthy approval processes.

As part of our mission, we will collect empirical clinical data about our product efficacy, to guide future product development,
improvement and clinical studies. We have a strong focus on patentable delivery methods.
We will reward our employees, our consultants, our clinical partners and our patients with excellent products combined with the
opportunity for significant investment and capital gains opportunities.