Focus: No Heart Disease

Focus: No Heart Disease

Heart disease kills about 800,000 in the U.S. yearly – 1 out of 4 deaths. Cost: $1B daily. Will you be one of them soon? What can you do

to prevent this? It’s simpler than you think. Nearly every disease, and especially heart disease, is directly linked to diet. Your diet. Our diet. You won’t die right away from heart disease, since some of that $1B being spent WILL be spent to keep you alive. However, such a life might be miserable, and will surely have a lot of anxiety and pain. If you want to avoid those terrible problems, you need to act today – not tomorrow – to prevent heart disease.

hearth_diseaseThe New York “Times” best-seller – Whole – by Dr. Colin Campbell – tells it like it is. You may not want to hear it, or do it, but if you don’t, you’ll be one of those near-one-million statistics, and possibly the last 10-15 years of life, should you live that long after a “heart disease event,” might be somewhat miserable.

Dr. Campbell, who has written over 350 recognized, published papers on health and nutrition, is has two PhD’s (one in nutrition, one in biochemistry) and teaches at an Ivy League School (Cornell), summarizes the truth about wellness in 66 words. Follow them, and enjoy life; ignore them, and misery is around the next decade’s corner. Here’s what he says:

The ideal human diet looks like this: Consume plant-based foods in forms as close to their natural state as possible. Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and whole grains. Avoid heavily processed foods and animal products. Stay away from added salt, oil and sugar. Aim to get 80% of your calories from carbohydrates, 10% from fat, and 10% from protein. Just how healthy is this diet?

a. Prevents 95% of all cancers, including those caused by environmental toxins
b. Prevents nearly all heart attacks and strokes
c. Reverses even severe heart disease
d. Prevents and reverses Type 2 diabetes so quickly and profoundly that, after 3 days, it’s dangerous to continue to use insulin.

Side Effects:

a. Gets you to your ideal weight in healthy and sustainable fashion.
b. Eliminates most migraines, acne, colds and flu, chronic pain, and intestinal distress.
c. Improves energy.
d. Cures erectile dysfunction.
Next time, we’ll talk about the role of iodine in this process. It’s important, and perhaps central.

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