An Iodine Replete Life

An Iodine Replete Life

Let’s take a look at what iodine can and should do for you – no matter who you are.  Some of its benefits are general, and some are specific to your situation in life (age, condition, diet, etc.).

We’re going to explore three real-life situations, and their need and relevance for iodine.  But a bit of background will serve us well.

First: IT’S UNIQUE. You should know that iodine is unique, unusual, remarkable…and not nearly as well-understood as it should be.  Clinical research is 100 years behind where we need to be, but perhaps you’ll just be patient for a century or two.  OK?

Second:  IT HAS MANY (!) FUNCTIONS. Iodine is the element of 1,000 facets. This isn’t only because it exists in the world, and in your body, “inside of” many different other structures and chemicals.  It is because it evolved along with us.  Top-ranking researchers believe that the very first organisms, some that eventually become us, evolved in an iodine-rich environment. They used iodine in many cellular processes (the regulation of metabolism; the formation of barriers against diseases; the creation of energy; the process of cell duplication, etc.) simply because it was readily available….and chemically active.

Because iodine comes in so many forms, and participates in so many core life-processes, we call it the “Element of 1000 Facets.”

Now you’re ready for some of the details.

Let’s talk about LIFE itself….the giving of, nurturing of, creation of, LIFE.  That of course means pregnancy…having children, and hopefully, having healthy children.  Not just healthy  – but also smart.  Really smart.  Who wouldn’t want a smart kid? Who wouldn’t want a healthy kid?  Who wouldn’t want a well-behaved, cheerful, intellectually alert kid?  Please raise your hand.  Thanks.  I don’t see anyone sitting on his or her hands.

Iodine is necessary for a good life.  We’ll get into the details about why, but here is the baseline stuff:

No Iodine, No Brain Development.  Iodine is critical to brain development.  You need a minimal amount to keep your baby from death, or horrible malformations.  And you need MORE than a minimal amount to create genuine healthy, effective brain/nerve system development.

What about WEALTH?  Want your child to be wealthy? Wealth is one of the key “success items” in the Western World.  Like it or not (most do, for whatever reason…), wealthy people are generally considered more successful than poor people.  It’s a fairly normal equation and judgment.  There is a direct   –  and I mean a DIRECT – linear relationship, of the order of “Does 1 + 1 = 2?” – between intelligence quotient (I.Q.) and iodine  Smarter kids, more iodine.  The graph of this is – probably (no one really knows) – asymptotic, which means that it declines and eventually goes to zero.  But more iodine = smarter kid.  We’ll get into the actual measurable amounts some other time.  Success = enough iodine = wealth.  Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Health? What’s the point of being wealthy if you can’t live and enjoy it? Want your baby to have a significantly lower risk of pre-term birth (a major factor for intelligence deficit and ADHD, by the way)? Want your baby to have a lower risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the 3rd or 4th most common killer in America)?  Make sure baby gets enough iodine.  ‘Nuf said.

Intellect: We all want baby to be smarter than we are.  OK…you can do that.  Make sure your baby gets enough iodine, and the brain will develop well and normally; you’ll find that your child is alert, happy and aware of the world around him or her.  Finally, you’ll probably be able to sidestep such horrible conditions as autism (a growing concern that’s reaching epidemic proportions), and certainly ADHD.  The ability to sit still and read, think, consider, listen – these are all essential elements of an intellectually sufficient life.  Can’t be done without iodine…from before pregnancy through childhood.

Performance.  We all want to perform well. We want our kids to perform well.  And I don’t mean getting up on a stage and playing Chopin’s Minute Waltz faster than Arthur Rubenstein.  I mean studying effectively, reading thoughtfully, behaving considerately.  All those wonderful adverbs that make life a pleasure, and help make someone a pleasure to hang out with.  Have you child become the kind of person that everyone wants to be with, loves, and who listens to his/her parents and acts accordingly.  It’s not too much to ask for, or hope for – and you’ll have a much easier time to have your prayers answered if….if….you include iodine in the regular diet.


NEXT BLOG: What are the numbers? How much iodine, for who, and when?  Timing is everything, often, in life…and good iodine timing will get good results.  Stay tuned.

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