Exchanging links is a good way to increase your PR Page Rank, which in turn can push your pages higher up on the search engine results.


We have one method of exchanging links:

  • a manual link exchange system if the page(s) you will be linking to us from has a page rank above zero (email us with your proposal).


<a href=”http://your.web.address/we.should.link.to.html”>The Title of your Link</a> – the description of your link.
– the category or subcategory you would like it placed in (choose from the list at the top of this page)
– the address of the page from where you have already linked back to us


When choosing a page to link to or from, it is a better strategy to stay within the theme topic. For example, if you are a pharmaceutical company then it would be better for both our pages if we linked from one of my health pages.

For manual link exchanges we can discuss to decide on the best strategy.

For our directory (automated link exchange) pages we occasionally add text to help with the pages’ rankings. If you’d like to suggest any new categories please feel free to contact us.