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Dietary Iodine

Dietary Iodine Supplement – For Healthy Smarter Babies & Healthier Mothers


DIRECTIONS:  As a critical micro-nutrient, use 1, 2 or 3 drops of this Dietary Iodine Supplement before/during/after pregnancy daily in any beverage. Please read description details for U.S. FDA guidance.  Note: The U.S. RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances) vary by pregnancy circumstances. One drop provides the normal adult RDA of 125 mcg of iodine.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: In one drop (125 mcg), this unique product provides twice as much molecular iodine  Ias iodide (as potassium iodide, found in iodized table salt). Some research indicates a protective and curative effect on breast cancer from molecular iodine in higher amounts (typically, 3 mg).  Consult your physician before using more than the recommended FDA allowance.  The FDA recommendations are a function of personal health and pregnancy circumstances.  Do not use this product without physician guidance if you have Hashimoto’s or Grave’s Disease or any other thyroid condition, or are taking thyroid supplements.

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Iodized Sea Salt


Salt iodization is voluntary in the U.S., mandatory in many other countries. You can’t taste the difference, but in a few months, or even a few weeks, your body, your baby’s body, and your entire metabolism, will show a real difference (if you go from non-iodized to iodized salt). Every researcher on earth will tell you that iodized salt is better.

If you use salt, it probably should be iodized salt.


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Liquid Stevia with Iodine- Natural Sweetener

Contains 4 oz. of Delicious Sweet Iodized Liquid Stevia.

THIS PRODUCT SUPPLIES IODINE, A NECESSARY NUTRIENT. Extra-Sweet Iodized Stevia is many times sweeter than sugar, with a zero glycemic index. Natural Iodized Stevia is an excellent replacement for sweets. A typical serving size (5 drops) will provide you with 14% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of iodine . Iodized Stevia can be used in cooking, baking, drinks, smoothies, coffee/tea and anywhere sugar is desired. By most reports, stevia is 100% safe and effective, when used as directed. Replaces chemical sweeteners.  Like any other sweetener, and any other source of iodine, over-use isn’t a good thing. Use in moderation, enjoy its flavor, and get rid of sugar from your body and the kitchen while you’re getting 14% of your daily required iodine. Iodine is a necessary micronutrient, and is necessary for life, and especially important pre/during/post pregnancy.  Please consult your primary care physician or specialist relative to the iodine content of this product and your use of it.

Five drops of Iodized Natural Stevia will provide approximately 14% of the adult RDA – Recommended Daily Allowance (120 mcg is the RDA) of iodine.



Super-Iodized Sea Salt

Super-Iodized Salt contains 40x the iodine of our standard iodized sea salt. Like the extra-iodized salt, it is designed for people on sodium-restricted diets, and most especially for those who believe that achieving iodine intake levels commensurable with the Japanese is a valuable and healthful thing to do.  If you have Graves’ or Hashimoto’s disease, this salt is not recommended without consulting your primary care physician.  Typical intake – about 1 teaspoon daily – will provide 6 milligrams (6 mg) of iodine, in the ratio of 2.2:1.0 molecular iodine:potassium iodide.


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Zika After-Bite Ointment

A powerful anti-itch after-bite mosquito ointment.

USE: Use immediately on any insect bite.


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