Iodia Naturalis Antiseptic Mouthwash & Gargle

Iodia Naturalis Antiseptic Mouthwash & Gargle

Fresh Breath, Fewer Cavities, Cleaner Feel, Healthy Gums – the near-total elimination of bacteria/viruses/molds/fungi/yeasts that poison you mouth and your body.
Use it with our iodized/mint dental floss, toothpicks and no-fluoride/iodine toothpaste.  Your dentist will wonder where you went!


Product Description

Bad Breath-Gum Disease-Bacteria: No More! With Iodia Naturalis Antiseptic Mouthwash & Gargle

Conquer Problems of Bad Breath, Gum Disease, Tooth Decay
This is the stuff….the real stuff. Iodia Naturalis Antiseptic Mouthwash & Gargle is specially formulated to kill most of the bacteria, fungi, yeasts, molds and viruses which cause disease – both in the mouth and elsewhere in the body. Remarkably, and not usually known to the practicing medical community (except for endocrine researchers), your salivary glands are the second largest storage repository for iodine (after the thyroid). It’s logical: many, if not most infectious disease organisms enter the body through the mouth. The iodine in your mouth, from the salivary glands (they use the same filtration method for extracting iodine [from blood] as your thyroid) kills infectious diseases organisms of all types.

With the unusual exception of one class of generally harmless bacteria (the Archea class of microbes), iodine is an extremely effective killing agent. It is the ONLY known nutrient which has the ability – indeed, the evolutionary role – to protect us from infection.

However, researchers suspect that the salivary glands will provide sufficient iodine to the mouth only if the thyroid is already replete with iodine. First the thyroid, then the salivary glands.

Becoming and maintaining iodine “sufficiency” is an important element of general health. Since most iodine is concentrated in the various organs (not generally in muscle or connective tissue), a diet higher in animal portions of liver, thymus (sweetbreads), kidneys, etc. is likely to provide a higher iodine intake (typically by a factor of 10 or 100) than muscle tissue. Cod and oily fish (mackerel, for example) have substantial amounts of iodine. Guess what? Your grandmother was right about cod liver oil!

The common “folklore” that organ meats are nutritious is, in fact, correct, at least as regards iodine. (See attachment about iodine content of animal milk, meat and organs. Click HERE to access the article.)

Alternatively iodine supplementation is a simple, effective way to maintain iodine “sufficiency,” both for pre–pregnant/pregnant/lactating women and all other humans, both adult and child. Other sections of this website can provide products that enhance iodine intake and supplementation. In particular, please look at the Extra Iodized Sea Salt (here).

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