IOSoap – Facial & Body Soap

IOSoap – Facial & Body Soap

Peppermint-Iodine Facial-Body Soap Aloe Vera


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Product Description

This amazing facial and body soap leaves you clean, tingling and smooth-as-silk.  Antimicrobial iodine with peppermint gives you deep, powerful yet gentle cleansing, and aloe vera enhances the silky after-rinse feeling that feels just great.

This unique recipe, created exclusively by Io Products, provides super-cleansing action and skin protection with nourishment that no other cleanser offers.  Use sparingly; a little goes a long way. Low sudsing action; eco-friendly.

Additional Information
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Dimensions 7 x 2 x 6 in

Water; sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate; sodium laureth sulfate; alkyl polyglycoside; aloe vera; PVP-Iodine; pure Japanese peppermint. Contains NO phosphates or phosphorus; no triclosan; non-GMO. This product is anti-allergenic & has a 10-year shelf-life.


A few months ago, the United States Food & Drug Administration decided to completely ban a dangerous anti-microbial compound – Triclosan – from all consumer products. Unfortunately, it can still be used in commercial products (in hospitals, for instance). They banned it because it doesn’t really do much except to produce antimicrobial resistance – a very very bad thing, indeed – it helps micro-organisms become resistant to chemicals which try to kill them.

In perhaps throwing the baby out with the bathwater, the same regulation dis-allowed the use of iodine in consumer hand-washing products if the amount of iodine is between 5% and 10%. Because the regulation was somewhat unclear, and the numbers seemed rather arbitrary (i.e., could you create a product which uses 4.9% iodine, or 10.1% iodine?), I wrote to them, and eventually got a rather interesting answer. Yes, was the answer, you could indeed create and sell products with iodine above and below the 5-10% range. However, you would not be allowed to make claims about it efficacy.

And so, we can only tell you that a) the amount of iodine in our Face & Body Wash Iosoap is less than 5%; b) that it is iodine, which is a known antimicrobial; and c) more than this specific we simply cannot claim. (We cannot say – or ‘claim’ for example, “Kills all known micro-organisms at the concentrations provided in this soap” or something like that.)

The simple bottom line is: Iosoap has wonderful ingredients; it cleans very well, it feels very good, and it does have iodine in it, but less than 5%. Not really an unreasonable amount, by the way, as iodine has been shown to have the highest level of antimicrobial effectiveness at a concentration of 1% (what’s called “0.1% available iodine”). We suspect, given the unnamed concentration of our product, that it will serve you very well! We hope you enjoy it!

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