Mint Iodized Dental Floss

Mint Iodized Dental Floss

Antibiotic-Antimicrobial for Healthy Gums-Healthy Teeth-Fresher Breath

Io Products’ IoFloss displaces, removes and helps to destroy germs that cause decay, bad breath, and – in some cases – heart disease. Iodine is a proven dental bacterial inhibitor, and in vitro (in the lab) kills all known decay bacteria.

The fresh mint flavor of this floss, combined with its patent-pending antibiotic action, is a sure-fire way to inhibit the bacteria and other microbes responsible for gum disease, dental cavities and other oral and health problems.


Product Description

It is important, as with any floss, to use the IoFloss correctly. Each tooth should be approached with the floss curved around it, first on one side, then on the other. A gentle up-and-down action works best. A truly “clean” tooth surface will squeak – much like chalk across a clean blackboard. If the tooth surface does not “squeak” after a few up-and-down motions, use a new section of the floss to scrape the tooth again.

An adult has 32 teeth (including 4 wisdom teeth). The number of surfaces requiring cleaning are therefore about 64 (if the wisdom teeth are flossed). The time spent on each tooth surface will be between 3 and 5 seconds, and therefore the maximum amount of time should be from 2 to 6 minutes.

Thorough flossing is at least as important as careful brushing; most people do not floss well. It is imperative that you learn to “listen” for the squeaky-clean noise of quality (unwaxed) dental floss against the side of the tooth. The floss contacts and clean areas between the gum and the teeth where no amount of brushing can ever reach.

Equally important, regular flossing with IoFloss helps create a healthy microbial environment that will tend to inhibit cavities, even in the absence of poor nutritional choices (such as sugar-laden and starchy foods). It is instructive, and important, to recognize that a truly deadly bacterial infection of the heart – called “infective endocarditis” – probably originates with bacteria from the mouth. Regular flossing with IoFloss has a good possibility of inhibiting the growth of these problem bacteria (called “S. mutans”) and preventing a potential deadly disease.

For questions about this product, please write You may use this address for wholesale purchases (100+ items). Substantial discounts are available to qualified buyers such as distributors, hospitals, dental offices, clinics and retailers. The company can private-label IoFloss for distribution and promotional purposes.

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this floss product, please email and request a Return Mail Authorization code. We will provide this promptly, and you can then send us, by mail, the original box and remainder of the floss. If you have used more than 50% of the floss, a proportional refund will be provided. Make sure to include you name and address, and if possible email and phone contact information.

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