PVP-I Ointment

PVP-I Ointment

New, Improved Iodine Ointment Kills 99.90 % of all germs


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First Aid:  The Power of Iodine Ointment

The atomic bomb of iodine ointments! Iodine Ointment wipes out anything, everything and all things that cause infection.

Here’s why – and here’s our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

You will be 100% satisfied with this iodine ointment, or we’ll cheerily refund 100% of your purchase AND tax AND shipping!

REFUND? Why? Why would we do that?

Iodine is a time-tested 100% natural antiseptic – surely the earliest antiseptic on the planet, and the first for human beings!  It’s in your tears, your saliva and your very breath to protect you from diseases.

Every fluid, every cell, and every organ in your body contains iodine….without it, your cells wouldn’t duplicate correctly, and you’d die of cancer (or worse) in a matter of hours.  We evolved in an iodine-rich environment, and the result is that we cannot live with insufficient iodine.

EFFECTIVE? YOU BET! There’s another reason our Improved Iodine Ointment is so remarkably effective. Like many other things on earth and in the universe, the effectiveness of iodine displays a “Bell-Shaped” curve relative to decreasing concentration.  Simple language?  Up to a certain point (and that point is 0.1% concentration of iodine), iodine gets MORE effective at killing germs the LOWER the concentration.  And after that point – as the concentration goes below 0.1% – effectiveness also declines.

In the plainest of language, a 1% ointment will be 10x LESS effective than a 0.1% ointment.

How did Nature/God arrange that? Iodine is relatively scarce on Planet Earth, and we evolved as land-creatures with a very tiny requirement for iodine.  But that tiny requirement MUST be met, or we’ll be unhealthy, very sick, or dead.  Less is more.

WE ARE UNIQUE – WITH A UNIQUE PRODUCT. No other company makes the 0.1% iodine we created and produce.  Even though the scientific data is totally correct, and even though others might know that, the bottom-line fact is that 0.1% iodine ointment is far, far more effective than 1.0% iodine ointment.  And to our knowledge, here’s the ONLY place on earth that you can get this product.

TOTAL SATISFACTION: So again, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return the opened (and slightly used) product to us, and we will refund you a) your purchase price; b) your tax paid, and c) your shipping cost (U.S.P.S. Priority Mail).  Now that’s an offer that just can’t be beat!

For more information about iodine and its amazing effectiveness, click here.

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