The Ultimate Zika Prevention Kit

The Ultimate Zika Prevention Kit

The Kit consists of four items to prevent, combat and even disable the Zika Virus.


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Whether you’re pregnant, soon to be pregnant, or just living an ordinary life, you really don’t want to get Zika. The Zika carrier (or ‘vector’) is a mosquito.  Some mosquitoes carry Zika, and some don’t.  But if you get bitten, assume that your mosquito was a carrier.

There are three KEY STEPS to preventing Zika -both before and after a mosquito bite.  The Ultimate Zika Kit contains everything you need to help prevent Zika.  There’s no guarantee that you won’t be infected – but there’s a lot you can do to prevent and deal with the potential for infection.

Step ONE is preventing.
Step TWO is treating a bite.
Step THREE is dietary supplementation.

MOSQUITO REPELLENT & KILLER: Your Ultimate Zika Kit contains either one or two bottles of Permethrin spray.  Permethrin is extremely toxic to insects, 100% non-toxic to mammals (like you and your dog), and long-lasting on clothing, skin and fur.  You can wash your clothes and still have protection for several days.

Spray your clothes with the Permethrin spray whenever you go out – especially in the evening, when mosquitoes are getting hungry for a drink from you.Spray your shoes, your socks, and your back.  If you wish, you can lightly spray your exposed skin. If you react badly to the spray, wash immediately with warm water and soap.  A very few people are somewhat allergic to Permethrin.

SPRAY ADDITIVE: You can add a tiny amount (3 ml) of  1% iodine solution to the spray.  The Ultimate Zika Kit contains a small iodine additive bottle. It will help to kill any microbes that the mosquito might carry.  It is your choice.  It’s not necessary to use the additive, but it could be a meaningful help.  There’s no proof that it will help, but logically it makes some real sense.  It’s up to you.

AFTER-BITE OINTMENT: The ointment contains both iodine and peppermint, and it will almost instantly stop any itching, and combat any microbes at the site of the mosquito bite.  Although the mosquito will have injected you with some microbes, they “hang around” the entry-point on your skin for a while, and if you quickly treat with the ointment, you might lessen the possibility of a Zika infection.  You’ll surely reduce the inflammation and itching.

DIETARY SUPPLEMENTATION: Iodine is a powerful and 100% essential dietary supplement, both during/before pregnancy, and for all mammals (like us) at all times.  You need some every single day.  It helps your immune system combat many diseases.

Some researchers believe it helps prevent and even partially cure cancer (especially breast and prostate cancer); some evidence shows that iodine taken as a supplement combats viruses like Zika.

Americans are generally somewhat iodine deficient, so a drop or two of the Dietary Iodine Supplement might improve your general health. It is critically necessary for the health and intellectual/neural development of a fetus or while you are nursing a baby.

We urge you to visit the National Institutes of Health Iodine Information Page at

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