Toothpick SuperPick

Toothpick SuperPick

SuperPick contains a unique blend of essential oils and elemental iodine. It delivers the same powerful antibiotic used in Operating Rooms worldwide – to destroy bacteria, archea, molds, yeasts, funguses, viruses. It leaves a tiny bit of iodine in and around your teeth and gums.


Product Description

This Toothpick Can Save Your Life

Seems like an ordinary toothpick. Not so. It’s the patented “SuperPick.”
Look closely. The ends are slightly darker than the middle – infused with the most powerful microbe-killer on earth. It destroys the infectious microbes you are carrying right now in your mouth. They cause dental disease, gum disease, blood infections, and a killer heart disease.

SuperPick contains a unique blend of essential oils and elemental iodine. It delivers the same powerful antibiotic used in Operating Rooms worldwide – to destroy bacteria, archea, molds, yeasts, funguses, viruses. It leaves a tiny bit of iodine in and around your teeth and gums.

Why is it so important? Your mouth – and your gums, tongue, airways – are the prime entry point into your body for disease-causing microbes. That’s always been true. One hundred years ago, we started to develop drugs like penicillin and erythromycin to kill the microbes that cause diseases, and we’ve been very successful at it. A vast medical industry is built on it. But all that has changed.

Microbes are smart: little by little, they’ve developed strains of themselves resistant to most, perhaps ALL, drugs. The Centers for Disease Control calls it “anti-microbial resistance,” or “AMR.” It’s a worldwide problem involving every drug and every infectious disease. As the New York “Times” wrote in May, 2014:

“A post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries can kill, far from being an apocalyptic fantasy, is instead a very real possibility for the 21st century.” (Quoting the World Health Organization)

The growth of antibiotic-resistant (AMR) pathogens means that in ever more cases, standard treatments no longer work, infections are harder or impossible to control, the risk of spreading infections to others is increased, and illnesses and hospital stays are prolonged. All of these drive up the costs of illnesses and the risk of death.

In between you and microbes …. The SuperPick. Its microbe-killer does not produce AMR, and hasn’t in 200 years of recorded clinical history. Everyone on Planet Earth can avoid dangerous microbes at the key point of entry: the mouth.

Dangerous bacteria grow in micro-environments in your mouth, and hide from your toothbrush. They cause bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, dozens of fungal and bacterial diseases – and infective endocarditis, called “IE.” Anyone can get it. The bacteria (and viruses and fungi they cohabit with) destroy the interior lining of your heart and ruin your heart valves. Solution: valve replacement surgery, and heavy doses of antibiotics. It doesn’t always work, due to AMR. Sometimes you die. Many do. From IE, most do, or live a life of misery. For example:

Gustav Mahler, the 20th century’s most influential composer, died from Streptococcal endocarditis at 51. Ottorino Respighi, the Italian composer, died at 57 from endocarditis. So did the author of “Auld Lang Syne,” Robert Burns (at 37). Dr. Alois Alzheimer died of IE at 51. Guitar maker Orville Gibson, singer Rudolph Valentino, Jethro Tull’s John Glascock, Backstreet Boys’ Brian Littrell – all died from IE. You can get it from the hospital, from dental work, catheters, breathing, cuts, body piercings, injections, blood transfusions, or hospital visits. (Littrell stepped on a toothpick….not one of ours.)

IE is difficult to diagnose before it’s too late. And now, most drugs are of questionable value

SuperPick might save your three lives… life, married life, job life. It kills bad breath bacteria where they hide …the same bacteria that cause endocarditis and many other diseases. It can (and will if used routinely) save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars at the dentist by avoiding root canals, gingivitis, tooth decay and gum diseases. Daily use is the key.

Study after study shows that people who had SuperPick ingredients applied had very few, often zero cavities for weeks, sometimes months. Many different bacteria cause tooth decay, bad breath, blood diseases, and Infective Endocarditis (IE). SuperPick can kill them. The bacteria that cause tooth decay – Streptococcus mutans, but we’re discovering more daily – invade the blood stream through your gums, and kill people who get IE. Defend yourself.

According to the American Heart Association:

Bacteremia (incident to endocarditis) occurs as part of our daily living when bacteria that normally live on the skin, the lining of the mouth, or the lining of the intestinal tract enter the bloodstream through small cuts, abrasions, or breakdowns. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream as a result of minor trauma during typical daily activities such as brushing teeth or chewing. Thus, the mouth is a common source of bacteremia, and good oral hygiene appears to lower the risk of bacteremia and subsequent endocarditis. (Emphasis added.)

SuperPick can be a key part of your “good oral hygiene.” In a healthy person, between 20% and 25% of the body’s iodine is stored in your salivary glands. Most people know that the thyroid needs iodine (it has about 70% of your body’s iodine), but most doctors DON’T know that your salivary glands are the first line of resistance to disease and to IE….due to iodine in your saliva. (Ask any doctor where iodine is stored in your body, in addition to the thyroid gland. Dollars to donuts he or she won’t know!)
With SuperPick, you routinely increase your salivary and oral iodine – saving your life, your love-life, your marriage, your job, and avoiding a long and painful stay in a hospital to repair your heart (or to simply prepare you for burial or cremation).

Everything here is true. Unfortunately, most doctors are largely unaware of the potential for preventing microbial invasions via the mouth. Dentists usually know it, but the current concept of “good oral hygiene” isn’t profound enough to truly prevent problems. Perhaps the medical “establishment” makes money on cures, but none on prevention.

Our goal is prevention. It’s a lot less costly than cure. Let’s SuperPick together.

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